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a) Three Reading Responses posted on our shared class blog. These should be substantial (400-500 word) responses to ideas from the week’s assigned readings. You don’t need to discuss every reading, and you should not summarize the readings. Instead, do things like: identify a conflict between two authors, present a question that builds on an author’s argument, or connect the readings to a real-world situation. These will follow a schedule to be made the first week of class, and are due Friday at midnight. Everyone in the class will then have the weekend to read these posts and leave a substantial comment (~100 words) on at least two of them by Sunday at midnight. On the following Monday, one of the posters will present to the class a brief (five minute) synthesis of the posts and comments, offering two or three discussion questions.

To summarize: three times a semester you will write long posts, each weekend you will comment on two of your peers’ posts, and once during the semester you will present to the class.

b) A brief (2-3 page) Literacy Narrative. This can be about your experience learning to read, to write, to teach, or any other kind of personal interaction you have had with literacy. Post on blog.

c) Statement of Teaching Philosophy (~4 pages). Details will be distributed later, but here’s some initial advice: We will revise this three times throughout the semester to take into account the theories we discuss.

d) Conference Proposal. Submit a proposal for a conference on composition studies (CFP to come). Your proposal should 1) state your question/problem and your argument, 2) summarize the scholarly framework for your argument, 3) note your method and 3-4 points of your talk’s development and, 4) describe how your presentation would contribute to the topic.

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