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A Very Pricey Pineapple

Hi All,

My principal shared this NY Times article with us this week.  It’s a response to the “Talking Pineapple” question on the recent NYS standardized exam in which the author speaks to a lot of the topics and concerns we were chatting about last week.  Just thought I’d share.  See you all on Monday!



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2 Responses

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  1. Christopher Grimm says

    Thanks, Megan. Very good essay! What is our test-driven culture coming to–Ms. Collins gives us one lamentable possibility.

  2. johnjparente says

    From the article: “An American child could go to a public school run by Pearson, studying from books produced by Pearson, while his or her progress is evaluated by Pearson standardized tests.” – G. Collins

    Wow. Again, do educational leaders who use outside standardized tests support the teachers in their schools? You cannot argue yes.