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As promised, links to two articles about computers grading standardized tests:

Facing a Robo-Grader? Just Keep Obfuscating Mellifluously,” NY Times

Robots Are Grading Your Papers!,” The Chronicle of Higher Education

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  1. Christopher Grimm says

    This goes back to the old adage, “Administrators want robots in the classroom, not real people.” Well, we see that this is clearly not true, hmm? However, the very fact that these robo-graders have been piloted is scary to me. Granted, grading essays is an arduous, time-consuming, sometimes infuriating, task. However, as the first article in the Times proves, it is still a necessity. Robots cannot process factual accuracy, at least, not yet.

    On a pop cultural note: Skynet is coming, people. Do NOT let the machines have TOO much control. If we waver on this, Siri might rule all our lives.