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Khan Academy: The future of education?

The link below is a video that was featured on 60 Minutes tonight about Khan Academy ( Their website offers free educational videos and they are a non-profit organization. It’s relative to our discussion about sponsors and conjures up good debates about where the future of education is headed and if it will hinder or encourage the teacher-student relationship.

Khan Academy: The Future of Education?

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4 Responses

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  1. Kevin L. Ferguson says

    Great video–thanks for sharing. I was talking with someone last week about the “flipped classroom,” where students learn material for homework and do homework during class time. I think the technologies of online educational videos are a big part of that possibility. Seems like an positive use of technology, although on the other hand I worry it may be the first step in replacing teachers with robots!

  2. Travis Lamprecht says

    I agree that it’s worrisome but I believe the value of the personal relationship between teacher and student is too great for technology to entirely occupy the role of the educator.

  3. Christopher Grimm says

    Travis, thanks for posting this video, man. Very educational; very informative. I actually want to go to to fill in some of my math gaps!

    Professor, I agree that the “flipped classroom” model is very intriguing. I, too, wonder if this is the direction education is headed. Travis, I wholeheartedly agree about the “personal relationship” you believe is crucial. I think, as someone who has to always reevaluate my approach, step back and stop “lecturing,” that the “tutor/coach” model is better for our students’ learning!

    Anyone else find it fascinating that Bill Gates sponsors so much of Khan Academy’s funding, yet it is Apple products which saturate the classroom depicted in this video? Check out the iPad that the mathematics teacher uses in this segment!