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What to Do First

Hello everyone, and welcome to the class blog for ENG 703: Composition Theory and Literacy Studies. Here’s what you should do first:

1) If you have not done so for another class, sign up for a qwriting account (you do not need your own blog for this class, but you’re welcome to create one on the system). Once you have a username, join this blog by clicking the “Join this Blog” link to the right. You will be added as an “Author” to this blog, which means that you can create, edit, and publish your own posts to this blog (you’ll need to do this for assignments). You won’t be able to make changes to the course documents or other students’ posts, so don’t worry about that.

2) Change your display name: When you write posts and leave comments, they will be signed with your username, which is what you use to log in to the qwriting system. You should change your display name so instead of showing your username it shows your real name. To do that, log in and look to the upper right of your screen where you’ll see “Howdy, Username.” Click the dropdown to go to “Your Profile,” and then scroll down until you see the place to change your Display Name. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to “Update Your Profile” and save your changes. Here’s more info:

3) Familiarize yourself with the blog layout and the syllabus materials I’ve uploaded. You’ll find a link to the syllabus at the top along with assignments, policies, and the course schedule with links to all the readings. If you’re new to blogging, take a peek at some of the qwriting help pages:

4) Leave a comment to this post when you’re all signed up and introduce yourself (like: give a first impression of the class, ask a question, or say what you want to get out of the class).

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10 Responses

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  1. Kevin L. Ferguson says

    Hi everyone, I’m Prof. Ferguson. I haven’t taught this class before, so I’m looking forward to revisiting the material I studied in graduate school from the perspective of someone with real-world experience teaching in the CUNY system. I hope that the theories fit what really goes on in the classroom! One other thing I hope we get out of this class is an awareness of a wide range of teaching strategies–that there’s not one thing to do in every situation, and you don’t need to learn the “one way to teach writing” so much as to see the kinds of arguments and discussions there are over what it means to teach writing.

  2. Rachel Duso says

    My name is Rachel. I I have taken Professor Ferguson during my time as an undergrad student at Queens College for my senior seminar. I have recently landed a teaching position at a special education school. I am looking forward to applying what I learn in this class in my own classroom. Teaching English is something I’ve wanted to do since I was in high school and I am ready to jump in and learn some more.

  3. Victoria Fontana says

    Hello, I’m Victoria. This semester I will begin my pursuit towards a graduate degree in literature and a certificate in English education. Also, I work as a writing tutor to college students with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Each student requires a teaching method tailored to his or her individual learning style, so I have to constantly add to my cache of educator “tools.” Therefore, I am looking forward to learning new skills and theories that will allow me to best educate and engage my current and future students. I am also looking forward to meeting you all in class!

  4. Dana Choit says

    Hello, my name is Dana. I am also beginning my graduate degree this semester in English education. I’m currently working as a substitute teacher. During the summertime, I work as a teacher in a day camp. I’m excited to learn more about different techniques, skills and practices that I can use in my career!

  5. Guadalupe Bueno says

    Hello, my name is Guadalupe. This is my third semester as a graduate student. I am majoring in English secondary education. Contrary to others that have posted, I am not employed by the Dept. of Education yet. I am looking forward for this semester and learn more about the field of literacy studies. Until next Monday.

  6. JOhn Parente says

    Hello all, this is John P. coming to you live from a 1st period prep (just kidding)(no I’m not). I am a NYCDOE employee getting some non-matric credits to apply to Masters work I did in another grad school. I am in this class and Eng.702 for now. Next semester I plan to do the other 6 credits I need, and yes I need them to keep my teaching license in the NYSED. Ask me about the DOE if you’re interested in a career that is never dull.

  7. Christopher Grimm says

    Hello, everyone!

    I believe I have finally registered correctly. My name is Christopher Grimm. I’m about halfway through my MA English here at Queens College. Previously, I have most recently finished my post-baccalaureate certificate in English Education also here at QC. Before this, I attended Binghamton University and Nassau Community College.

    I’m currently an SAT tutor for a private test preparation company(this is why I left early last night; I had to meet with a student!). I also wait tables in anattempt to make ends meet. I’m a first generation college graduate, so I have particular interest in working-class students and issues which pertain to class and education.

    I look forward to working with all of you. My e-mail is Good semester, all!

  8. Safaarah Williamson says

    Hello Professor Ferguson and Classmates,

    My name is Safaarah Williamson and I am a proud NYC Teaching Fellow who has been committed to uplifting and inspiring urban high school English students to achieve greatness for the last six years. It may sound very cliche, but I am truly serious. Being an educator is an often relentless and tedious task, but I attempt to give my best everyday. I am currently working to complete my Master’s in Secondary Education and I must admit that I have struggled with the dual identity of being a dedicated teacher and a disciplined student. My students’ progress are my greatest distractors, but I am hoping that this course and all of your ideas will help me to become a better educator. I have no doubt that I will learn a great deal from all of you.



  9. Anonymous says

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Mishka Fox and I’m an English major graduating this semester. I have had class with Prof. Ferguson before and look forward to working with him again as well as you all! Currently, I teach in the Hempstead school district.